Do you think Snow would get jelly of Nerrisa if she started to flirt with the hawt Sheriff? I would laugh my rump off at the fanfic-ish situation.

precious ladies. i can just imagine bigby’s adorable confused face, like he doesn’t even know what they’re secretly glaring at each other for.

if i felt like it sometime, i may write it. but if anyone else wants to write it that would be awesome.


Lil’ TWAU.

Doodled each one as a warm-up, but little things like this are great for practicing economy of line. Might sell em as little stickers at cons or something. 


The Wolf Among Us: Favorite Male Character(s)

"With Time Slipping Away
I Can’t Say What I’ll Do…”

-The Heavy (Big Bad Wolf)

snow is the only thing that matters. i would do anything she asked me to. id burn 800 of greenleaf’s trees if thats what she wanted. i would die on a battlefield for snow white. she is the queen of my heart

Submitted by anon.

OKAY THERE NEEDS TO BE A TWAU MEYERS-BRIGGS CHART and I'm guessing it doesn't exist yet so I'm curious about what you'd think about where each character "fits" on that thing if you even care I DON'T KNOW I JUST LIKE OPINIONS

i’m terrible at these cause i’m not the best at understanding them but i’ll give it a go for bigby and say he’s a toss up between either “ISFJ” or “ESTJ”

What If I told you, that I check this blog daily and nightly just to see your reaction to my questions and fanart you show?

i would first ask if you’re joking

and then i would proceed to get flustered and speechless.

but seriously, thank you so much if you do. i mean, that’s just lovely and i’m really happy, thank you.

yes that face broke my heart... and ovaries ;-;

saaamme. well it didn’t break my ovaries but it did break my heart. i just want my favourite character to be happy and not sleep deprived. is that too much to ask?