The Wolf Among Us was pretty nice. I give it 5 out of 5 wolves.

piratearr said: I like both, so i’m kinda stuck

who says you can’t ship both, bro? c:

Where can I find the comics? :(

to buy or download? if you’re looking to find places to buy them, go here and if you’re looking to read a couple of issues free (it only goes up to a certain issue though), go here.

I would love to read the Fables comics, but the absence of Gren and Holly makes me hesitant to do so, considering Gren is my favorite male and Holly one of my favorite females.

Submitted by anon.

What do you think of Bigby hearing voices in his head? I wanna know what your point of view is :)

hmm, personally i wouldn’t see it fitting his personality but each to his own. some of us have headcanons others can’t agree with and some that people can.

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Make me choose:
↳ Anonymous asked: Bigby & Snow or Bigby & Narissa